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Pinkgothic // author
Infection // category
Log #019 [kraiaKy]
2056-09-21 15:54:13 // time
No warnings for this session. Gosh, how boring, eh?
Pinkgothic played: Nokogiri and Rapture
Reh played: Zeitaro
"Or maybe I'm just tired of feeling utterly useless and powerless and I just want to feel like I actually matter again."
"Oh, the Nayabaru can make sure you matter. I'm sure they'll be happy to make you regret every second you do."

Zeitaro meets Frederick - in what might easily be one of the most jarring possible ways, while stuck in Katal's infamous prison, waiting for Sekai and Zacharie to bail him and Elizabeth out. Instead, the new acquaintance does the job - perhaps better equipped to do so than the Fabians.