Wildcard/Crimson Feather is an RPG that is played entirely on IRC - more specifically, on irc.darkmyst.org.

Darkmyst is an IRC network dedicated to roleplaying and gaming - so if you're on this site looking for a roleplaying game and find Wildcard is not for you, check out the Darkmyst IRC RPG network website, there's sure to be something to strike your fancy there.

OOC: #dataclaw

This is our OOC channel - we speak about plots from and OOC standpoint, get together, fool around, anything that isn't the actual roleplay to do with Crimson Feather (be it canon or non-canon).

If you want, you can hop right in, right now! Just enter a nickname below and hit 'Connect'.

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Channel #dataclaw

Canon: #wildcard

This is the main IC channel - please respect that it is intended for roleplay only. Put any OOC comments you have into brackets.

Of course, sometimes, roleplay is already in progress when you join the channel. If you'd rather RP somewhere else (e.g. the main channel is about those trapped on the server, but you'd rather play something about the IC-offline world), open a side channel. (We actually have #sidechan registered if you're not feeling inventive with the channel name.) Remember to set it to +s so it doesn't show up on /list. Try to get a hold of at least one gamemaster to lurk in the channel, though, and/or make sure that you have logging turned on so the session can be uploaded to the site later.


There is no specific channel for non-canon Wildcard roleplay, but it is encouraged. No, really, we love to see a less serious approach on roleplaying than what happens in the main channel.

What does non-canon entail? Well, aside from simple off-shoots from the main plotline, it can be anything suspended neatly between IC and OOC. It's hard to define. You play your characters, but the world is OOC. Perhaps picture your character as an actor who is playing in the movie Crimson Feather, and non-canon as off-stage. The degree your character will stay in his on-stage mentality is entirely up to you.

It's a great way to have fun on days where the plot might be stalling for some reason or the other. The most important thing you should remember about IC/OOC seperation here is player knowledge: Nothing from non-canon should ever leak into #wildcard. Other than that, it's a freefire zone.