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Elizabeth Zinn // Rapture

character belongs to: Pinkgothic
played by: Pinkgothic
logs & interludes
2039-08-12 // 24
Europe: Waterkant: Strasbourg
D-band [Europe]
avatar gender
avatar size
Just under 2m in length, with an about 20cm circumference to her body, making her appearance very serpentine.
avatar species
Eastern dragon
av. description
The colour of Elizabeth's draconic online form is that of a dull periwinkle - mixed with a gray tonage, almost giving her no hue at all, but just enough to make her seem mystical. Her eyes, however, are the same radiant green as the lenses she wears offline, here however with a touch of emerald to add to the dragon effect. The scales on her back are in a jagged ridge, but the tips of these scales are rounded off, so they do not prick flesh if someone would pat her. She has no whiskers, just a narrow snout, resembling that of a gecko in parts, except that is it too elongated to pass as one.
Elizabeth is generally cheerful and optimistic, and is often the last to assume ill will in someone. That doesn't particularly raise her tolerance for bullshit, though, and she can and will easily decimate people in debates of raw facts, especially if they pertain to computer science, which is a personal hobby of hers. However, equally, she will second-guess herself readily, even in that subject, when confronted with an entirely new viewpoint.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of her personality is her curse of easily falling into a state of shock or panic when confronted with drastic change (be it positive or negative). She has astonishing resilience to even the worst situations once she's gotten used to them, but the initial hurdle tends to be a large one.
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