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Frederick Pasquan // Nokogiri

character belongs to: Pinkgothic
played by: Pinkgothic
logs & interludes
2033-08-13 // 30
Europe: Britannia: Liverpool
Frederick is fairly thin in build, and a smidgeon on the short side of tallness. His skin, while pale, is not ghostish. He has fairly clear blue eyes, irides speckled with the barest hint of brown, and straight, shoulder-length black hair. He typically wears it so it half-obscures his right eye and that side of his face, though when focussing on a manual task will tuck the hair - often futilely - behind the respective ear.

He doesn't care much for what he wears, so it can be anything, though he shows a marginal preference for darker tones, especially black, but he puts no notable effort into any one outfit.
avatar gender
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Deinonychus kavkem derivate
av. description
Noko's online appearance is that of a black raptorian - a derivate of the kavkem of the kraiaKy Fragment, fashioned into something with mythological qualities.

Looking a human in the eye when standing properly, Nokogiri is about as thin as his human counterpart, and - for a raptorian - has little strength, but the renowned speed of the same. Unlike his offline appearance, his neck-plume does not extend out straight, but instead is a tangle of black, resting about his neck far more like a mane than a graceful crest of feathers, as is customary for kavkema.

His claws have the same dark colouring as his scales, as does his entire plumage, giving him the appearance of a walking shadow of himself.

His eyes are a cool blue, more befitting a Nayabaru than a kavkem, something that certainly only helps to underline his demonic appearance to the kavkema.

The most notable aspect of his avatar, however, is a set of black, vinyl, elbow-length gloves, perfectly tailored to the raptorian physique. Where the ridges of his hands are - where the tendons pull taut to move his fingers - a low row of short spikes sits. The spikes grow toward his knuckles, at point of them abruptly stopping after reaching half an inch of height - and they taper together toward his wrist, maybe a fifth of an inch high at point of converging to a single line that then traces in a lazy helix up one and a half revolutions to the end of the gloves near his elbows. The helix winds clockwise on his left arm and counter-clockwise on his right.

Beneath the gloves are his true weapon - forget the sickle claws at his rear legs that raptorians are renowned for, Nokogiri wields liquid nitrogen like serpents wield poison: His claws leak the substance, freezing on contact.

Take his gloves away, though, and you leave him with no other option - he can't stop the process, meaning that without said gloves, he cannot touch anything he doesn't want to freeze.
Frederick is mostly a laisser-faire individual with a cynical, dark humour, but a vivid love for life. He could be described as shamelessly hedonistic, which probably only manages not to become an issue given his choice of character in kraiaKy because amongst other interests, he has a deeply masochistic leaning. Coupled with his settings rendering pain above a certain threshold no different than pain at the threshold, he can be considered reckless and - toward Puppets (and Denizens as long as he's unaware of himself (see 'other' section)) - outright evil, as he has no incentive not to do with them whatever he likes.
The circumstances of his digitalisation are lost in the sands of time - he's completely erased them from his records, and only maintains loose access to his 'true identity' for social reasons, deliberately temporarily forgetting himself to live his chosen role.

In other words, most of the time, he is simply Nokogiri, deliberately disassociated with the Denizen concept and context - but the moment someone mentions the word 'Denizen', he's geared to remembering who he is. Once in that mode, it takes a conscious decision on his part to resume the pure embrace of his role, in which he will stay until the word is spoken in ear-shot again.

He does not accept private or global messages and has locked himself out of tool access in a way he cannot reverse, making him defacto-trapped, though he's not technically afflicted with the phenomenon. Most notably, that means that he still has metadata attached to him and can be teleported by others - and that death simply places him back to the nearest spawn point, or knocks him into a different Fragment (depending on Fragment setup).

Frederick grew up bilingually, parents having lived near Paris initially and then moved to Liverpool. It was Zacharie Fabian that gave Frederick a home in kraiaKy and the character capabilities the avatar is endowed with, adopting the boy as extended family when Frederick disassociated himself with his (for reasons unclear even to Zacharie).
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