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This page attempts to list all characters relevant to the plotline by rough affiliation.

Note: Characters marked with ★ can be taken up by curious players - the players last responsible for them either no longer play Wildcard or they've vanished entirely. Characters marked with ✘ are actively killable, i.e. their owners have expressly consented to them being killed for any trivial reason.

Not on here:

  • NPCs that have only been played for one session unless heavily plot-relevant
  • NPCs that are bound to a simulation
  • Characters that have not been RPed or recapped yet

Always on here:

  • Characters that were only played once
  • Characters (actually especially!) that were killed or died
  • Autonomous Puppets


Public Sanctuary Fragment owners

Trapped Denizens

Other Denizens

Currently in Dominion:

Currently in Mer:

Currently in Genos:

Currently outside of Sanctuary:


Typo Graphics employees - Citizens professionally associated with Sanctuary, due to Dominion:

Other guests:


Dark Arcadia

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