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kraiaKy is a Fragment created by Zacharie Fabian and Sekai Fabian, mostly for their own exploration. It's geared toward evolving on its own, though much of the current status quo was designed by Sekai when she chose to leave the Fragment. It's hosted on rack one, blade one.

The universe is based on the roleplay setting kraiaKy, with a few changes and facts of note:

  • The Nayabaru language is unashamedly English for convenience.
  • The kavkema language is as defined.
  • Sekai Fabian played the role of Ysikary, then for a while dabbled in stray Nayabaru avatars before losing complete interest in the setting.
  • Zacharie Fabian is Jeneth. Unlike his canonical setting incarnation, Jeneth spends a lot of time on Nekenalos.


Sim-bound Puppets:

Autonomous Puppets integrated into the kraiaKy plot:

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