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ChrisClark13 // author
Infection // category
A Troubled Catnap
2056-09-13 00:31:43 // time
Alex stared up at a crescent moon in his little private world as a breeze ruffled through the fur on his back. Since his meeting with Sekai he hadn't completely disconnected except for a short break to use the bathroom and to crawl into his bed, sitting all night in a reclined office chair tended to give his back cramps in the morning anyways.

Cramps aside though, the stress of the situation was pretty much "officially" starting to get to him. His patience had begun to run out and now his mind was filled with worry. Elizabeth was really the only Denizen, the only person online, who he was close friends with and now that she was eaten by a glitch he had no one else to hang out with.
Sure there was other communities that were more than willing to offer him empathy, but they all just said the same thing, "Don't worry about it, she's just probably on a private server or something." But that's just the thing, it had been almost two whole weeks since she had vanished.
Two weeks and now he felt that he was finally getting somewhere and he could barely stand how close he was getting, yet he had a nagging feeling like there was an abyss of uncertainty between him and his answers, real ones too.

Alex turned his gaze to the far off mountains, only visible by the way they blocked out the stars and the dark blue sky with their big black outlines. The world he had made for himself wasn't very big and didn't often get visits from it's creator as he usually just logged straight into a Sanctuary server and logged straight offline when he was done with it.
Sometimes though, it was nice to spend time as somebody else, even if that was just you wearing a different body as you did the same things you always do when you had no one else to spend time with. Browsing the internet only by thinking was still pretty nice, trying to play old console games with a set of claws was pretty funny, though you still were alone.

Alone, yeah, still sucks to be alone.

He closed his eyes and pulled his tail up closer to in between his pillow and his head as the wind lulled him to an uneasy slumber.