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Alexander Brady // AlexBrady39

character belongs to: ChrisClark13
played by: ChrisClark13
logs & interludes
2027-09-13 // 39
United States of America: Utah: Lindon
Alexander is of a stocky build and is above average height wise. He has brown eyes and a thick head of slightly wavy hair that goes just past his ears with short bangs. He typically leaves it alone, except for combing it in the morning after he showers.

He typically wears professional attire such as a dress shirt and slacks. For causal attire he wears simply a t-shirt and jeans with a black jacket or coat depending on the weather.
Monsoon [North America]
avatar gender
avatar size
4.5 meters head to tail, 1.2 meters shoulder height
avatar species
Miniature Nargacuga
av. description
This avatar is a "miniature" version of a huge monster from the Monster Hunter Live series that is normally between 14 and 20 meters long and is instead only around the size of a tiger.
(The Monster Hunter Live series being a line of virtual reality games wherein the player takes on the role of a hunter who hunts down draconic beasts that are many times larger than them with oversized weapons. This being a virtual reality version of the real-life Monster Hunter series made by Capcom. Have a link: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Nargacuga )

At a first glance a Nargacuga looks like a mix between a dragon and a panther with a hooked/fanged beak on it's face. Its large muscly feline body is covered with black fur on the top and dark grey scales on it's underside. Running from the eyes back to the insides of the ears are crimson stripes and on the top of the stripes is a ridge running from the forehead back into the tips of the ears, forming an eyebrow-hood of sorts over the crimson part.
It has an especially large and long tail that easily as long as the rest of its body or longer. The tail is covered in black scales, turning white for a bit before going straight back to black as they approach the tip. Around three-fourths up the tail are a few hard gray scales that can be tilted outwards so the tail can act like a spiked club.
The avatar possesses a pair of medium sized wings that are attached to the upper parts of the forelegs, in the source simulation they allow the beast to fly, but in other simulations they only allow for gliding. The webbing in-between the wing bones is a deep crimson color. On the outer edges and tips of the wings are a particularly hard set of scales that come to form an edge that can be sharpened to act as a set of "wing-blades" and can double as bracers of a sort.
Other than its tail and wings it possesses a normal set of fangs. Although the fore-paws have been modified by Alex to act more like a pair of hands, adding thumbs and lengthening the rest of the digits.

Alex mainly uses the avatar he commissioned from an online artist for show; so while he's gotten enough experience that he can move fluidly in it he has little to no actual fighting experience with it and he has never bothered to get fighting routines for it. The natural weapons on it are dulled and the claws are just sharp enough so that he can climb up trees, for safety reasons.
If he actually got into a serious fight he'd either turn around and flail his tail wildly or try to grapple with a bear hug, if he doesn't run away and climb up a tree first. In a fight against someone with real natural or close weapon experience he'd lose and against someone with a ranged weapon and steady aim he would be almost useless.
Alexander is a generally easygoing and calm kind of person, though his words are often very blunt since he prefers to "call things what they are", though attempts to spice up his words with humor if the situation allows.

He does his best to hold high morals and keep a wide perspective on things. He sees digitized people as being just as much as a person as regular people, because what is a person but a bunch of signals inside the computer known as the brain?

While he's in his "dragon kitty" avatar he tends to act much more silly and loose with his actions and words. What else would one do while pretending to be a giant cat monster?

When faces with serious situations he actively tries to keep a level head about it, be brave, and do what is right, even if it means hurting everyone's feelings.
He works at Edge Systems which is company that primarily creates a small suite of virtual reality software designed to be used by other businesses.

He also makes an attempt to keep his professional life as much in the real world as possible because he has a fear of turning into a fat slob who can't even walk. This means driving to work every day and working in a real life cubicle. He only uses virtual reality for long distance meetings and testing out the software with his human avatar.
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