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Azur is one of the Nado cultists on Mer - although this is more of an accident of his history. He was rather dependant on Julian's guidance, given his strongly secular leanings didn't exactly endear him to the rest of the island - something that become immediately apparent after Ezadir murdered Julian, refusing Azur that safety net.


Azur has a light tan, but coupled with straw-like, light hair and fairly prominent freckles on a round face, he has a ghostish appearance regardless, a surreal monochrome. He's a little on the short side and of average build - not that this average does him any favours in regards to strength, since he's certainly weaker than he looks, never having focussed on physical strengths.


Azur is originally from Andorus. He fled from Andorus after getting sick of the social pressure exerted on him to become a great ecomancer like his parents, something he never seemed to have any gift for. It was by chance that he discovered the cause of this while on the run: His ship splintered against Nado's jagged shores and he was fed to the Dark Water pit, only to discover he had quite strong ecomancer instincts… he just took his ecomantic energy from Dark Water, an unusual source if there ever was any.

His unexpected escape from their Dark Water pit endeared him to the cultists and they decided to keep him on far friendlier terms. Over time, however, certain factions developed a certain resentment for him, based on his refusal to put his powers to any real practical use. Ezadir especially developed a strong loathing for him, also because his vulnerable state put him closer to Julian than Ezadir himself was, leaving Julian less prone to Ezadir's point of view.

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