Wildcard works synchronised to real time.

So, huh. What does that mean?

Determining IC time

Sessions that are up on the site are defined by the date they were last RPed, and the time they started, unless otherwise stated.

In other words, a session that started on 16:34 UTC+1 on the 3rd of March 2014 and ended on the 5th of March 2014 at 03:45 UTC+1 would have an IC date of 05 MAR 2014 2057, and be set at 16:34 UTC+1 15:34 UTC, putting it around mid-afternoon.

Why so complicated?

It's actually the most intuitive and convenient synchronised time system. Intuitive as the approximate time of day stays the same through-out the session (having been defined at the start of it), convenient because you can lag session submission to canon timeflow until you're done with it and happy with how it ended.

The year

Okay, so what was that bit about the year being crossed out and replaced with something that seemed obscure and out of nowhere?

Dates are synchronised (with total disregard for leap years and other oddities) as above, but our IC setting is in the future. Specifically, it's 43 years in the future, which means:

2013 2056
2014 2057
2015 2058
et cetera...

Most of the time you don't have to worry about the year. When creating or editing your character, you input your characters age, not their year of birth, since former is probably more important a trait of your character than latter.

Best forget about the year-shift.

Gaps: What happens when no one RPs

Time goes on, even in-character, whether you play or not. That comes with the benefit of that 'boring' parts of a plot can easily be skipped at GM discretion. The whole synchronity aspect further allows people to keep track of holidays and seasons.

It does mean that often times you'll want to come up with things your character has done in your absence.

Gamemasters will occasionally do this for players in OOC recaps - if you object to anything you find in those, be sure to make note of it as soon as possible, before it becomes canon by being incorporated as background knowledge into a session.