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Wildcard's genre is a little hard to peg because of the intention behind the game:

When Wildcard started its first incarnation as Crimson Feather (without a version number), the underlying concept was, quite simply, to cheat. So many roleplaying games find themselves reaching dead ends with their setting these days, with people growing tired of the same old, same old, that pinkgothic simply decided she didn't want that.

The virtual reality concept is that cheap ticket out of having a set setting. Depending on the current simulation, the genre can be anything from fantasy to sci-fi over political and modern or even surreal.

The overarcing plotline, meanwhile, is a medely of cyberpunk and modern. The time is the future, and as it is not a utopian vision, at least, and makes use of a common cyberpunk plot element (being trapped online), it's fair to call it cyberpunk. On the other hand, it's not that far in the future, and much of it happens in terms and settings comparable with that real world just beyond your walls.