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Neural connectors are the primary 'first world' way for Citizens to connect to the internet. They're lightweight gadgets that attach with minimal discomfort to one of your temples and electromagnetically interact with your brain.

Needless to say, some people are freaked out by this, and prefer either pod connections, which are full-body tanks you submerge yourself into that tries to simulate your senses externally, or headsets (though headsets will always be considered an indicator that you're way, way too poor for anything else, even if you cite a 'neural connector phobia').

Both pod connectors and neural connectors, despite vastly different way of functioning, are also called neural terminals colloquially.


  • Neural connectors
  • Pod connectors
    • Cradleworks
    • Instrumental Pods
    • Kasarai Net Works
  • Headset
    • OCP (mainstream)
    • Stark (upper price bracket, professional)
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