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Circeo Technopolis is a research park in the United States. It was founded by Anthony Kuronue and his wife Kumiko, and is now owned by their only daughter Yamiko's wife Erika.


Anthony Kuronue, the founder of Circeo Technopolis, was born Anthony Stanton. The Stanton family is one of the wealthiest in the nation, owning a large or controlling share in many media companies and ISPs. However, when Anthony began to date Kumiko, she and his father William did not get along in the least. Things came to a head with a disagreement over Thanksgiving in which William coldly informed Anthony that he would be disowned and disinherited if he did not stop seeing the young Japanese-American woman. Within the year, he had married Kumiko, changing his surname to match hers.

Anthony was by no means bereft; he had been investing his trust fund wisely for some time. He used the money he had set aside to create a new business, something as far from the old-money traditionalism he had grown up with as possible: a technopolis where ideas could be gestated until they were ready to become businesses. Anthony was as brilliant a scientist as he was a businessman, and was frequently found lending advice to various research projects, helping them along. Kumiko incubated a few startups of her own through the technopolis, selling them when they were mature and adding to the trust fund they were building for their child.

In 2014, an unfortunate accident with a particle accelerator claimed both their lives. Their daughter, Yamiko was old enough to have a keen interest in science, and it's said she was on campus the day of the accident. She inherited a controlling share of the company, but elected not to take an active part in the running of the business, instead focusing on attending school. She graduated with a degree in Computer Science at the age of 20, but did not elect to take control of the company then either. She went on to run several startups through the technopolis, as her mother did, and then retired at the age of 24 upon being diagnosed with cancer. She is survived by her wife, Erika, who inherited her stock in the company.

Present-day Operation

Like her wife before her, Erika Kuronue has chosen to leave the management of the park in the hands of the talented board of directors. The park now consists of almost 800 acres of land, containing some 50 buildings housing 25 distinct companies, five incubation facilities, and an ever-changing number of distinct laboratories as equipment is purchased and sold. A museum is being built that will be aimed at developing a love of science in young children, slated to open in 2058, and the board is in talks to open a university adjacent to the park.

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