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Mummelratz is a self-proclaimed greyhat of ambiguous identity. Whether Mummelratz is male or female is not entirely clear - or of particular interest to his/her allies. Mummelratz is known for appearing as an ally on various sides of the hacking scene whenever things get ideologically interesting.

Unfortunately, one of those ideologies is an anti-Denizen one. One should not misunderstand Mummelratz' involvement as disdain for the Denizens themselves, though - s/he has very little emotional investment in any of them, owing to that s/he simply does not consider them human. S/he simply believes that they are a regrettable phenomenon that's having ill effects on human society, by deluding others into believing they can achieve immortality, by controlling assets in the real world via legal anchors s/he disagrees with and by tainting ethics and philosophy with what s/he believes to be dangerous untruths.

Mummelratz has a few followers in regards to that line of thinking and can be considered - despite his/her scarce appearances - something of a figurehead or leader of groups collaboratively trying to crack into Sanctuary and erase or corrupt the data there.

Mummelratz's avatar is that of a Secretarybird, albeit with its left eye-socket empty. This is an aesthetic tweak as much as anyone can tell - Mummelratz seems quite capable of stereoscopic vision.

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