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Patri Holme a/k/a Relfar is a Denizen at home in Sanctuary and the administrator of Mer. His default avatar is a 'mere' human being, though within Mer (which he rarely leaves) he plays the role of a mercenary that exclusively hunts pirates, having made quite a name for himself. He can in earnest claim he's only been forced to respawn twice in roughly forty-six missions.


Patri can probably most easily be summed up as 'playfully indifferent'.

He doesn't care much about details of human interaction and has a glaring lack of empathy, but since he has no sadistic tendencies and tries to be outright benevolent for reasons unrelated to empathy, he's quite bearable - just painfully focussed on the big picture. When trouble arises for other people that he hasn't planned for, he can be a bit sluggish to react or even just grasp the severity of the situation for them, but he means no one harm. If someone is in legitimate distress, once he does catch on properly, he develops a very intense protective streak that makes him a force to be reckonned with.

His playful nature in turn is mostly confined to his home Fragment - he's designed it for maximum enjoyment on his part and he refuses to take any of it seriously, having no reservations to talk about meta-concepts whenever the urge takes him (which, owing to that it's his Fragment and he's intimately aware of all the meta in it, is often). If he antagonises or is antagonised by another Denizen's character, he'll always make it clear that it's not personal, and is likely to joke about it post-respawn. He doesn't tolerate anyone making genuinely derisive insults towards the quality of anyone's character or playstyle, though good-natured mockery passes right through that same radar without prompting as much as a blink… he engages in it often enough, himself.


Relfar's appearance can be in brief described as 'Robin Hood meets rainbow angel' - which is about as silly a combination as it sounds, doubly so since he wears it with such confidence that it leaves onlookers stunned.

In particular, Relfar wears a short, rainbow-feathered cape over his shoulders, the feathers attached to a thin leather base. A collection of trinkets dangles from a single leather-band necklace at a height just beneath his heart - each one of which is a tiny flask of potent poison, colour coded for his convenience. His eyelids and lips are painted a fairly vibrant green, a thin, dark outline to latter. He wears an olive shirt the long sleeves of which he's perpetually rolled up a little, tucked into a pale maroon pair of trousers, the bottom of the legs of those patterned with tribal designs. The black boots are the only part of his attire not… distinctly Patri.

He wears a green, triangular hat with a short, sloping brim, like a mix of a garrison cap and a bucket hat. His hair is an unspectacular dark brown, short and styled in a suitably gravity-defying manner, and he keeps a speck of a beard on the tip of his chin, forming a small diamond shape with inward-curving vertices, giving him just barely enough hairs to fiddle with contemplatively, and not much else. His eyes are an amber only mildly exaggerated from a plausible real world iris colour.

His avatar looks to be around thirty years of age, appearance at most erring on the side of a few years shy of that mark.

The accessories on him, trinket-necklace notwithstanding, usually consist of a sheathed dagger attached to his belt near his right hip, and a coil of rope near his left, along with his left hand occupied with a narrow staff with a short scimitar-shaped blade at one end.

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