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#dataclaw is an OOC haven for a handful of roleplaying games and not fixedly related to Wildcard / Crimson Feather, though it began its life (back in 2000) solely for this purpose.

There are people from several backgrounds in the channel. In fact, the majority of people in it do not play Wildcard. A chunk are digital 'immigrants' from the Send Pokemon / Pokemon Adventure community from facebook; people playing Ravenblack Vampires drop in fairly frequently; and so forth. Community focus shifts every few months, so don't expect it to be static.

The rules

There are only two currently three rules in #dataclaw:

No insulting. Swearing is all right, you can do that until you run out of your virtual breath if you like, but even the slightest insult of another channel user - be they in it at that point or absent - will be dealt with harshly. (For this reason, political and religious discussion is discouraged - but not prohibited.)

The second rule is related to the content disrespect rule of Wildcard: No sexual topics whatsoever will be permitted. There are people in #dataclaw who do not care for that sort of thing.

We do have a channel you can take the subject to if you want to extensively talk about sexuality, though you'll have to ask an op for the name.

Thirdly, a rather specific one: We have several people from the community The Abyss City and Path of the Vampire in the channel, most of which are there to escape the community. Accordingly, please do not dwell on the subject. An occasional question or comment is fine, but anything that's going to take longer than five minutes should go elsewhere. Failure to comply will be met with death by Munio's thesis.


Beyond the rules, please note that we 'expect' certain behaviours in times of disagreement:

  1. Respect people's need to share, even if you disagree with it. In other words, if you feel a subject matter is getting under your skin and you cannot discuss it respectfully, be quiet. If you feel you cannot be quiet, leave the channel temporarily - don't subject yourself to it.
  2. If you feel you are not receiving respect from a player, ask them to take a breather (also respectfully, please).

Moderators reserve the right to act even without blatantly broken rules; frankly, the more you adhere to the above guidelines, the more likely it is we'll help you rather than the party you've got an issue with.


Current moderators in #dataclaw are:

  • Reh // The definition of level-headed. If you've managed to irritate him, you're definitely doing it wrong. Beware, he's a proficient fighter with sleuth diplomacy.
  • Morgrim // Morgrim has the fantastic trait of being around during Australia-time, which gives #dataclaw a pretty solid moderator coverage all day 'round. She also knows the fine art of 'withdraw instead of using the banhammer' if something is bothering only her personally.
  • BLusk // Often in only to lurk, BLusk plays in none of the #dataclaw-associated roleplays (anymore) but is a highly respected veteran. Note: If another mod is in, you'll want to bother them, since BLusk appearances may be phantom appearances (read as, he's just lurking).
  • pinkgothic // Owner of #dataclaw, she doesn't much like moderating it for a myriad of reasons, most prominent of which is her lack of being able to gauge what is and what is not 'safe for work', making her stricter in that regard than she'd ever want to be.

There are other people with ops, but they are not moderators, so they have no authority to decide whether you broke channel rules.