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Zacharie Fabian // Jeneth

character belongs to: Pinkgothic
played by: Pinkgothic
logs & interludes
1961-11-19 // 102
Europe: Waterkant: Nantes
Like all Denizens of significant age when getting digitalised, Zacharie's appearance is not faithful to his last appearance prior to the switch. Instead, he looks to be just under forty, with shoulder-length black hair dyed red at their spikey tips, and a short, thin line of hair at the edge of his jaw, leading into a single-braid beard at his chin. His eyes are a clear green and his complexion is distinctly European, albeit with a healthy tan (again, a deliberate deviation from his real life self). He tends to have a pleasant smile about himself, unless under stress, when his bitter personality shines through much more clearly.
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Jeneth sports two avatars - one is a younger version of his human self; the other, which (despite wearing it less) he would consider his main and default avatar, is a silvery gecko with slitted, animated, amber-coloured eyes reminiscent of the texture and swirl of flames. Delicate black lines pattern his back. Not counting his tail, he's only about the size of an average human hand, but fashions himself as a 'god of fire' and thus usually shouldn't be handled that way.
In many ways, Jeneth suits the stereotype that many people have of the digitalised humans: Arrogant, distant, unempathic, at most charming in certain contexts.

He's quite good at appearing civilised - and even being civilised in most situations - but as long as his own power isn't threatened he tends not to go out of his way to help other Denizens - as far as he's concerned, he never asked for guests (even if he does not mind them), and if they insist on joining his Fragment without announcement, then that's their problem. He can be said to be painfully neutral toward Denizens that are strangers to him.

He takes active issue, however, with Visitors to Sanctuary, since extensive experience with non-Denizens (especially in Sanctuary's early years) has left him afraid of the system's infiltration.

He's paranoid about Sanctuary's security and would even sacrifice the lives of Denizens if it ensured the system remained stable. As such, the entrapment phenomenon is a dangerous trait, as he'll only tolerate it as long as he must before actively seeking to erase the anomalies to prevent their spread.

That being said, he's not yet completely convinced the Denizens affected by the phenomenon aren't already dead - but this is mostly psychological self-preservation on his part.
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