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Cordelia O'Malley // Chord

character belongs to: Morgrim
played by: Morgrim
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2032-10-11 // 32
Europe: Britannia
Cordelia is of average height with an irish complexion and what she feels is an embarrassing concentration of prominent freckles. Her hair is brown with reddish undertones and worn with a side undercut.
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For her digital representation Chord darkened her hair a little and deliberately reduced the freckles on her face to a paler and subtler scatter. Other than these tweaks she looks much the same as her former appearance.

Chord likes dark reds and purples and usually dresses in those colours, often with a vaguely punkish style. She'll adjust her clothes to fit the setting but favours pants over skirts or dresses for the ease of movement and likes combat boots for their stompiness.
Chord likes people and likes being around them and would like to be friends with lots of them, but has found herself being taken advantage of before. Consequently she sometimes has trouble crossing the gap from 'friendly acquaintance' to 'person I can trust'. It doesn't help that she gets a little tongue tied and awkward which can give the false impression of having a crush on the person involved. There have been times she's outright flitted between social groups rather than risk an uncomfortable outcome.

Around people and situations she feels relaxed with Chord is very tactile unless asked not to be.

If confronted with unpleasant situations or people Chord normally attempts to leave and go somewhere else. If that isn't an option she has a habit of sulking in a corner while snuggling Soap.

Insinuating she's into hentai due to her platonic love for Soap is an excellent way to piss Chord off.
Chord is accompanied everywhere Online by her companion-critter Soap. Originally a purple octopus digital pet over the years Soap has transformed into a knee high writhing mass of dark tentacles with no obvious mouth or sensory organs. Despite the intimidating appearance Soap is a very curious and affectionate ball of tentacles and spends much of its time riding piggyback on Chord or trying to hug people while purring.
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