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Aaron Travers III // Tin_Man

character belongs to: Alriik
played by: Alriik
logs & interludes
2032-05-01 // 33
United States of America: Colorado: Denver
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 150 pounds
A tall, rather lanky man. Usually dressed in clothes he buys from thrift stores. His hair is long, usually tied into a pony tail. He also usually has, hidden on him, a hockey goalie's mask, to hide his identity.
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6'5, however is usually found slouching down to 5'11
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av. description
A mostly human-like machine, with a skull-like face. He has 'hair' made of coiled wire, which slink down around his head in various places, given the impression of having a full head of hair. His torso is modeled after a classic car's chassis, with what seem to be extended car hubs acting as shoulder pads. His arms are thin and lanky, made of a black metal, his exposed joints are obviously mechanized. His hands are larger than should be with his proportions. His legs and feet follow this scheme. Usually, a metal baseball bat fits into one of his exhaust ports for carrying. He's usually found in a slouching position, to hide his true size.
Aaron usually harbors a rebellious attitude, however, it comes with a wish to earn whatever he has for himself. He can come off as a thug, as he spent many years as once, but he is naturally intelligent. He, however, is not very well educated, having run away at a young age, and spending many years on the streets. His many years of success as a hoodlum come from careful planning of whatever job he was planning on doing, whether it be a heist, or a hit on a rival gang member. However, he does show respect for those who deserve it, and tends to follow whomever can help him earn his future.
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