Wildcard/Crimson Feather is an IRC[?] freeform[?] RPG[?].

Its genre can be hard to peg, but probably best labelled cyberpunk[?].
Unlike many other roleplaying games, it works in real time[?]. ← We're currently taking a break from this part.

The tabs at the top of this box are links to navigate the site. While short in name, they're hopefully fairly self-explanatory - but if you'd like an overview, read on:

  • world // All kinds of information pertaining to the setting of Wildcard can be found here.
  • where // This is about where you find us, the players.
  • rules // The rules of the game are on this page. Don't be alarmed, it's a short page!
  • chars // We keep a character database - this page lets you search it.
  • news // Current OOC and IC happenings can be found here, as well as the latest logs.
  • join // Register or login here.

We also keep some site statistics if you're curious.