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Standard net tools are a few irrevocable abilities that each Netizen has access to by design - things a server cannot override:

  • altering one's default avatar
  • setting one's metadata preference
  • either blocking or receiving private messages one is the recipient of
  • either blocking or receiving global messages one is the recipient of
  • sending private messages (as long as the recipient has not blocked them)
  • defining one's sensory input limits
  • disconnecting from one's sensory inputs (either individually or in full)
  • respawning on avatar death (generally automatic)
  • pausing oneself for a certain amount of time or running at a slower pace than normal (Denizen-only)
  • logging out entirely (Citizen-only)

Entrapment is in part as scary as it is since it not only affects web access control but also the supposedly irrevocable Netizen-bound privileges.

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