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-Stuff goes here eventually.+Wildcard'​s setting is in constant flux (hence the name), but don't let that intimidate you.
-===== Meta =====+The world'​s structure is mostly as it is today, and technology hasn't leapt forward so strongly that it's hard to grasp. In fact, you'll be fine pretending it is today for most part, though the world is set **43 years** in the future. 
 +//Beyond// the basics, this is an encyclopaedia of current player knowledge, but it is quite in-depth. You don't need to know more than a fraction of what you find here at most - unless there is something specific you're looking for, in which case this encyclopaedia is a good place to start. Wondering about the progress of space exploration?​ You'd find it here. Wondering about the political stances of country X? The encyclopaedia is your drug. You get the point. 
 +**You can log in to this wiki using the username and password you used to sign up to the site with.** 
 +===== Thematic Entry Points ===== 
 +Dokuwiki has a [[http://​​encyclopaedia/​doku.php?​id=start&​do=index|Sitemap]] that makes navigation through the various subjects quite easy, but if you want help in identifying some of the most important topics, here is a list: 
 +  * **[[Sanctuary]]** 
 +  * **[[Entrapment]]** 
 +(It will be expanded as more topics are added to the encyclopaedia.) 
 +===== Wildcard-Meta ===== 
 +  * **[[meta:​Atmosphere]]** - information on the atmosphere we try to maintain in Wildcard. 
 +  * [[meta:​Character list]] - good for keeping track of dead characters, and for rough allegiances and plot affinities. 
 +  * [[meta:​fragments|List of Fragments]] - good for an overview of which Fragments were visited by whom and who knows about the existence of what. 
 +  * [[meta:​plots|List of Plots]] - good for the roughest overview as to what happened so far. 
 +===== Wiki-Meta =====
 Stuff to do: [[wiki:​Wanted pages]], [[wiki:​Tags|Stuff tagged incomplete]]. Stuff to do: [[wiki:​Wanted pages]], [[wiki:​Tags|Stuff tagged incomplete]].
 {{tag>​[stub]}} {{tag>​[stub]}}
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