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**Genos** is a [[technology:avatar|human-avatared]] [[Sanctuary:Fragment]] based on the //Panzer Dragoon// universe. It is maintained by [[character:Denizen:Natalie Althaus]]. It's hosted on rack four, blade two. ===== Description ===== The Fragment is set in the [[|universe of Panzer Dragoon]], before the events of //Panzer Dragoon Saga// and //Panzer Dragoon Orta//, in a time when the Towers are dormant but are still governed by the Sestren AI and could hypothetically be reactivated. [[Character:Puppet:Genos:Yyran]], a Drone devoid of purpose since the facility he was designed for long since broke apart, has become obsessed with the Towers' reactivation - it's up to the Denizens to decide whether they want to help or hinder him in his quest. If they don't, reaching any of the Towers might prove difficult - and it's the Towers that most often contain transition zones. {{tag>[minimal]}}

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