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-**Yyran** is a character in [[Sanctuary:​Fragment:​Genos]].+**Yyran** is a character in [[Sanctuary:​Fragment:​Genos]]. He's a Drone. His Dragon is called [[Lekesh]]. 
 +His dark skin has a leathery texture and he has white, long hair that appears to merge back into his body at height of his shoulders, forming a handful of separate strands that curve with the tilt of his head. Metal bands like bracelets ring his upper arms, three each, possessing a coppery shine, and his attire seems to in part be a band of cloth wrapped once around his shoulders and hips, with a hole for his head, and his sides free of the fabric, in part a pair of smooth, skin-tight trousers seamlessly merging with '​shoes'​ so fine they might as well be unusually textured socks, both almost all black. A white sash obscures the edge of the bottom garment.
 ===== See also ===== ===== See also =====
-  * Yyran'​s session history+  * [[http://​​npc/​yyran/​36.html|Yyran'​s session history]]
 {{tag>​[stub]}} {{tag>​[stub]}}
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